Aliator S.A. and Dubro S.A. do not appear to have any links with PM’s wife according to documents

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Documents obtained exclusively by this news portal initially indicate that the companies Aliator and Dubro S.A. do not have any links with Prime Minister Joseph Muscat’s wife, Michelle Muscat. However both companies are related and have links to Egrant INC. Although it is known that companies in Panama do not disclose any sort of financial information, there is absolutely nothing to indicate that Ms Muscat is in any way connected to both companies.

Claims made on Daphne Caruana Galizia’s blog state that the whistle blower from Pilatus Bank has a document in her possession stating that Dubro S.A. and Aliator S.A. held one share each on behalf of Mrs Muscat. The alleged document was reproduced on the blog albeit without any signatures and does not seem to be authentic according to informed sources who work in financial services.

Aliator S.A was registered in Panama with its line of business described as financial services. It also carries out other activities that are auxiliary to financial services except insurance and pension funding with other business support services also listed. The company’s banks are not known according to the document.

Aliator’s paid up share capital is USD 10,000 and the shares are divided into 10 shares of USD 1000 each. The company’s financials are not known as companies in Panama are not required to disclose any financial information.

Dubro S.A. has practically identical financial information to Aliator with the same share structure and ownership.

Interestingly, in the news section of the credit report, there is detailed information on statements made in the press by Brian Tonna of Nexia BT regarding the ownership of EGRANT Inc.

Aliator S.A. and Dubro Limited S.A. are related. They have the same administration, address and activities. Also, both companies were subscribers for the company EGRANT INC., a company that was involved in the Panama Papers.

In conclusion since both Aliator and Dubro make absolutely no reference to Michelle Muscat at any stage, hence in no way does she appear to be involved in Egrant Inc.