General Election called for 3rd June – Labour majority currently less than 8,000 – sources

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Prime Minister Joseph Muscat has called an election for the 3rd of June during a mass meeting held at Castille Square to celebrate Workers Day. The PM went to the President right after the mass meeting to ask her to dissolve Parliament.

The Labour government took office in April 2013 after winning the 2013 General Election by a massive 36,000 votes. Although the new Labour movement started out well enough with ground breaking legislation on gender rights and also some sound economic decisions, the last few years have degenerated with several allegations of corruption tainting the government’s record.

A short campaign is expected to include several bonanza announcements by Muscat including tax cuts and possible one off bonuses to encourage undecided voters to vote Labour. Sources who spoke to this news portal said that the current lead held by Labour was only around 8,000 votes and the numbers were getting less since most undecided voters were seen as leaning towards the PN.