Witch or Joan of Arc? Whatever, let’s not let our country burn

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It’s next to impossible to extricate politics from our life not just in Malta but all over the world. It has become a way of life and nobody looks at events or even wrongdoing objectively. They are coloured by our deep-set political views and before we analyse and pass judgement we gloss over all events that do not assist our own way of thinking as fake news, as the new lexicon dictates.

Malta is on the verge of burning on such a scale that nothing will pull it back from the abyss. We must fight our fixation with politics to breathe fresher air by reasoning and moving on. And damning where damnation is called for. All the institutions we should look up to and trust in are slowly being turned into vehicles of shame.

If we ignore for a moment the mantra that the economy is doing so well (is it really?), that unemployment was never so low and all is fine, can we rise a few millimetres above the propaganda din and admit one little thing?

Daphne Caruana Galizia has been proved right over and over again and it is beyond monstrous to think she is part of a conspiracy. It is of the utmost urgency to wake up and stop demonising her.

Let’s imagine that what many top labourites and their followers, along with Saviour Balzan, think and spout is real: that Caruana Galizia should be burnt at the stake, that she is a supreme bigot, a superb PN lackey and that she super detests all that is in any way connected to Labour.

If you do this you will also believe, like TVM did for a very long time (and probably still does), what Glenn Bedingfield feeds his labour followers and what the Labour Party media believe: that the Panama Papers scandal was not a scandal at all and all was fine with Joseph Muscat’s right-hand men dabbling in secret companies, trusts and accounts.

“It’s great when the emperor is Marcus Aurelius.

It’s not so great when the emperor is Caligula.”

Elon Musk

But we know that this was hardly a fable concocted by Caruana Galizia. It was shameless behaviour by Joseph Muscat and his followers, and even party colleagues in their misguided way, who tried so hard to debunk the findings of covert dealings or planned dealings in illicit monies. Corruption and money-laundering was obviously taking place or structures being put into place to siphon money away.

However the spin went, however bad the bigoted woman from Bidnija was purported to be, her words, her revelations about Panama were absolutely spot on.

Far from taking action, the Labour leader and his party kept spinning lies, for a time even refusing to acknowledgee that anything was amiss.

Now it has hit closer to home—implicating the wife of the labour party leader, who is also our prime minister. Even with terrible and shocking footage of devious bank officials carting away cases, presumably containing bank documents, more spin and more garbage is spouted.

And as always the detail is telling: the investigation was only ordered after the bank, its officials and Nexia BT had ample time to spirit away a few papers, files and god knows what.

There have been so many different versions from the prime minister and his cronies that the mind boggles to think whether anyone in Castille knows what has hit them or what they should do to get out of this mess.

The only sane way to save the reputation of our country and above all to safeguard our financial and democratic future is for Joseph Muscat to step aside. Labour MPs and officials who really love their country more than their seat, position or party, should get together and dismiss Joseph Muscat as leader of their party. It’s never too late, and, even if it sounds like sci-fi, it is doable.

And guess what? If the Labour Party do that—with whoever at the helm—they might stand to win the next election with a bigger majority as they will be seen as saviours of this country and its institutions.

Even the witch might end up speechless and not need to be burnt.