Politics be damned. Let’s go window dressing.

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I love drama so it would be great to think that the Azure Window came tumbling down because of our politicians. A curse on our land wrought on us by the evil doings and knavery of Joseph Muscat and his silly coterie of minions, courtiers, slobs, hangers-on and other assorted vile characters.

Or maybe it was the PN with their dithering and some of their own coterie wearing too many clashing hats and caring more for the dosh than for sacred principles of propriety.

If I believed in divine justice I’d say God’s hand showed itself to us: a window into His thinking that would be.

As we know—or desperately hope—this is all a load of garbage, or, as the spokespeople of the Trump presidency repeatedly declare, it’s all BS.

This was merely nature taking its course; the winds and seas can erode and destroy any natural wonders. As is oft said, what nature giveth nature taketh away. It was two gods of old, now long overthrown and no longer revered as gods, Neptune and Aeolus, who did this to us.

Come to think of it, perhaps Muscat and Busuttil agreed—again in fits of imaginative wonder I do conjure up the impossible—to detonate the Azure Window out of our Gozitan landscape, or seascape, for certain nefarious reasons.

The prime reason could be to keep the Gozitans in check; they have rather too many wonders and, what with Malta’s surviving beauties going down the drain, perhaps the PM and the PM-in-waiting agreed to dilute the attractiveness of the isle of Calypso.

Perhaps next in the line of fire are the temples of Ġgantija: just shift these huge rocks slightly and boom! even one of the oldest free-standing structures in the world will be no more. Gozo will lose another wonder. In the words of Trump the truth-slayer, that would be huge! And superbly distracting.

Another nefarious reason these two political giants confabulted to move a couple of undersea rocks, thus destroying the Dwejra window, could be to divert attention from all their ills.

Imagine a secret meeting between the PL and PN leaders—now wouldn’t a few Wiki leaks of their conversation be interesting?—where they both agree politics sucks; let’s, they say, make the public talk about other more riveting stuff, like falling windows.

Deal sealed in no time. Of course in the shadows behind Muscat and Busuttil lurk the figures of Mario Demarco and Keith Kasco Schembri, who rub their hands in glee and contract one of our big developers to destroy the Dwejra rock. This super deal binds the developers to donate a few cents to the Community Chest Fund and a hefty amount to the true community of political parties.

All are happy and all is fine. Fine and dandy, as old fogeys like to say.

Our land is riven by corruption. Developers are too involved in all sorts of shady deals. Yes the incidents above—except the natural destruction of the Azure Window—are all figments of the imagination. But the dirty dealings, the bending of rules to suit developers and their sidekicks is all very true.

Whether Simon Busuttil appointed Giovanni Bonello to head a commission into party financing merely out of expediency we will never know.

What we do know is that it is a step to be applauded.  And if the results of the commission findings help get rid of political parties’ secret or well-known connections to big business then we really are on a sounder footing for the future.

Political parties and their leaders and supporters should see this not as an occasion for further squabbling but as a true opportunity to finally introduce some sort of transparency into finance in politics.

Then and only then will we breathe some fresh air, forget the Azure window and see our political world advance. Lest some unknown deity destroys our land in toto, not just a beautiful window.