Trump, China and the Liberal Agenda

Donald Trump is again the news. This time for the positive discourse that he delivered to the American Congress. The world media could only react positively to what he said, where he reiterated the basic nationalist principle of America first.

In the past days, the actions and executive orders of Donald Trump have captured the media’s imagination. The Liberals were furious, and rightly so, as for the first time in many years in American politics, there is a politician who is delivering on all the points that were stated during an electoral campaign. I do not agree with all of Trump’s decisions, but I cannot fail from noticing that, till now, he is pursuing the course he outlined during his campaign. His speech to Congress continues to confirm it.

Moreover, Trump’s decisions are exposing how corrupt the Liberal agenda was in the past. I wish to focus on two points. The first one regards his ban on immigration. When Obama issued a similar ban, no one from the liberal side said that this was unconstitutional or went against the United Nations’ directives. Obama’s ban on immigration from Iraq was for six months. No one spoke against it. Trump’s ban is only for three months and the countries that have been black-listed were identified as potential terrorist countries by the previous Obama administration.

The second point is the issue of China. The Liberal agenda used to present China as a dangerous country. The Liberals used to harp that China is a country run by a Communist dictatorship, therefore it was wrong. Now, as President Trump starts pulling the strings, China becomes acceptable and no longer dangerous for the Liberal agenda, despite her manoeuvres to dominate the South China Sea and being seen as a menace by neighbouring nations.  The Chinese model starts being depicted as a political role model that could be acceptable to the West. The argument now is that, yes, China is Communist but the model used has at its roots Confucian ideology; a great thinker and reformer.

What broke the camel’s back was the revocation of the TTP agreement. This led to speculations; one of which was that Asian and Pacific countries would be looking towards China and would be seeking to forge an agreement with this Asian giant. In particular, the names of Australia and New Zealand have figured  as possible new partners for China. Within a week, Australia changed course and seems to be moving closer to Trump.

But Trump has not only revoked this Trade Agreement. He is making it clear that the Pax Americana, which America introduced after the Second World War, is at an end. He is not interested in being a world leader. What he is interested in, is to be a good American president for all the American people.

In this scenario, the European Union is in serious trouble. But it is not the only Organization that will be facing new challenges. The United Nations is also in trouble. The United Nations was instituted and created by America, together with Great Britain and the Soviet Union andcannot exist without America. If America wants to break that Peace declaration signed more than 70 years ago to ensure that ‘life, liberty, independence, and religious freedom and to preserve the rights of man and justice’ and seek to forge new alliances, then such organizations cannot survive in vacuum. This explains why the United Nation’s agency is now speaking against Trump’s immigration policy but was silent when similar policies were introduced by his predecessor.

Trump had made it clear that the US is going to support countries like Taiwan. Taiwan is extremely happy of this support. It can rest assured that it will not meet the same fate of Hong Kong. The UK had to return Hong Kong to China because Britain was no longer a big force. One may argue that Britain had to honour an international agreement. This is academic nonsense. Despite the fact, that in theory, Malta should have been returned to the Knights of Malta in 1964, Britain still gave us independence because it was stronger than the Order of Malta. If Britain dared to give independence to Hong Kong, China was more than ready to get this peninsula back by force.

Perhaps, it is this new strength that China has that makes us worry about Trump’s belligerent language. I am sure that he is convinced that the USA can challenge China and has the military capacity to do so. In truth, Trump is correct. If one looks at the way China is reacting, it shows that the country is not as strong as it wants to appear nor in position to go to a war, whether it be military or economic, with America.