Over 3,000 registered donors since launch of organ register in December

Since its launch in December last year, the organ register has had over 3,000 people registering as donors. The Minister for Health, Chris Fearne said that this was possible thanks to civil society joining the government in a bid to further increase the number of registered donors.

“Several companies are trying to foster awareness among employees and their customers to also become donors,” said the Minister during a visit at Saint James Capua Hospital in Sliema, which during the past few days has held an activity in collaboration with the Ministry of Health in a bid to attract even more registrations.

“Organ donation represents a new gift of life for the patients who receive them, therefore Saint James Hospital Group is also joining the Ministry of Health to encourage more people to become registered organ donors. We therefore urge not only our customers but also our workers, as well as the general public to visit the website or complete the forms which are also used in Saint James hospitals for registration,” said Maria Bugeja on behalf of Saint James Hospital Group.

Meanwhile, in the coming days, every household in Malta will receive by mail the relevant registration form to become organ donors.

The registry for organ donors has been launched after the bill for Organ Donations has been passed in Parliament. This law is the first of its kind to regulate organ donations in our country.