Palumbo Shipyards: An effective corporate social responsibility programme

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Strong communities are the glue which hold societies together. In an ever rapidly evolving world, it is critical that these same communities garner all the assistance necessary for them to flourish. Corporate social responsibility is an issue of increasingly great importance, wherein companies, especially those operating in the area of the community, contribute towards its improvement and well-being.

Fortunately, one such enterprise is Palumbo Shipyards which time and again has consistently contributed towards and supported projects and initiatives emanating from the Three Cities; the area where same shipyards are located.

This time around, Palumbo Shipyards chose to recognise the sterling work which the Salesian community of San Filippu carry out with the young people of Senglea, by donating to the community a scaffolding tower which will help their dedicated group of volunteers look after the historical and architecturally significant church dedicated to Our Lady of Porto Salvo.

On its part the Salesian community commented that it is good to see industry actively make a concerted effort in giving something back to the community which surrounds it and voiced their gratitude, in particular to Palumbo Shipyards CEO, Sig Antonio Palumbo and Mr Joseph Calleja – General Manager, whose endeavour and generous contribution will assist in the maintenance and preservation of the historical church known as “Ta’ San Filippu”.