Palumbo Shipyards present a better Christmas to underprivileged youngsters

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This Christmas, in an admirable initiative, Palumbo Shipyards has sought to not only give to the community on a national scale, with a handsome donation of €10,000 to L-Istrina, but it has also sought to contribute to lesser known causes – causes which are indispensable to the locality they operate within.

The Congregation of the Missionary Sisters of Charity, better known as the Sisters of Mother Theresa, landed in Malta in February 1989, where they settled in Cospicua. Since then, they have been doing sterling work among the parish’s indigent; serving those in the community who are sick, suffering and underprivileged. They also organise a number of activities for children after school hours, including the teaching of crafts while effectively keeping them off the streets.

With this in mind, Palumbo Shipyards have donated a good number of toys to these youngsters, some of whom, given their circumstances might not have otherwise been able to receive a gift this Christmas. Children being children, no matter their backgrounds or circumstances hugely showed their appreciation…It was one very noisy afternoon at the Sisters of Mother Theresa’s home in Cospicua!