The failure of the Politics of Laicité and the return of Christianity

The recent results in Europe and America are confirming that we are in front of the end of Socialism as we know it and of Brussels interference in the politics of the member states. The European Socialists and politicians have betrayed their principles and broke what Jacques Rousseau had once defined as the social contract. This was done to accommodate the Brussels bureaucrats.

During the Obama administration, the social contract was slowly transferred into an issue of diversity and multiculturalism. This process started with the full support of the European Union. In simple words, this meant disowning and attacking European Christian culture to accommodate some snowflakes of Oxbridge thinkers that had divorced themselves from the rest of society. It meant attacking the traditional family values, in favour of new models of families and failed models of modern humanism.

I have just returned from Strasbourg. I was doing academic work on behalf of the prestigious Europe Science Foundation. I had been in Strasbourg some years ago and I could not help but discern an amount of changes. What struck me most was the identity of beggars in the streets. The last time I was there, they were mostly “gypsies”. This time round, the number of normal French men and women of my age begging in the streets has increased. They are not drug addicts. They are normal people who ended up homeless.  Is their presence related to the fact that the values of traditional families have been thrown away?

The truth is that while Europe pushed forward a policy of economic austerity, it left a section of its population to fall into poverty. At the same time, in the name of diversity, it had no problem in accommodating Islam and new migrants. The problem here is not accommodating Islam or receiving immigrants. I have nothing against these policies. The problem is the concerted academic attack on the traditional Christian values, making in the process, a section of its population feel alienated from the same European values that Brussels was supposed to be supporting.

This explains in part why the extreme poor are today looking to the right. Populism appears for this section of society as their only salvation. The secular state has failed them. Following the Frankfurt thought, European politicians thought that secularism is the par excellence principle of the bourgeoisie. Marxism, became for the first time a bourgeois principle. Europe adopted such type of politics. In the process, Europe ended up weakening the same economic power that had made the bourgeoisie. This is one of the reasons why the extreme right is advancing in Europe.

I may sound controversial. The election of Trump is now coming as a natural reaction to what Benedict XVI defined as the dictatorship of relativism. Even if the elections in Austria may appear as a sign of relief, they are not. The big traditional parties were defeated by the far-right party in Austria. This party is still the biggest party in Austria. The other candidate is an independent leftist with no structure behind him.

The next European country, which expresses this political controversy, is France. This country expresses the contradiction of these leftist policies, which Europe has adopted as its own. The French Socialists considered Catholics as a sort of Zombies. But the French President Hollande and his Socialist Prime Minister Manuel Valls expressed the need for France to come with some sort of agreement with the Islamists. At the same time, they had no problem to wage war on Christian principles. The ex-Socialist Minister, Jack Lang, is on record in defending Saudi Arabia’s policies of discrimination against women. In France, laicitė is a weapon to be used only against the French Roman Catholics.

When Leftist journalists of Charlie Hebdo were massacred, the French Left and Right organized a march in Paris with the support of the European Union and America. When a priest was murdered in France, none of these forces moved a finger. Instead, the mayor of the 14th arrondissement in Paris ordered the evacuation of a Catholic church, dedicated to St. Rita, by force. The mayor wanted to change this church into a car park. The French gendarmerie entered the church during mass, literally dragged the Catholic priest from the altar and the police started kicking all the sacred objects.

Imagine, if the police had entered a mosque and did the same thing, the whole of the European Union would have risen in chorus condemning this action in the name of diversity and multiculturalism. The problem is not in covering these acts of state vilification but the double standards that are being expressed by our politicians. This sense of European relativism is making various Europeans feel that they are aliens in their own country.

When in Paris, somebody held a theatrical representation with actors throwing shit at the Image of Christ. None of the mainstream politicians defined this theatrical representation as an act of hatred towards Catholics. Instead, the mainstream media, including that of the Liberals and their Leftists, lauded it as an expression of liberty.

The French Socialists have been caught in another controversy, which shows the hypocrisy of these new European values. The latest controversy involves the French minister Segolene Royale. She stated that the Fidel Castro did not break human rights. This unleashed a whole controversy in France. A government representative said that in Cuba there are no political prisoners. Therefore in Cuba, there is no case of human rights violations. This is the Socialist left. While the left accuse La Pen of being dangerous, dictators of the left are described as respectful politicians and supporters of human rights. This exposes the hypocrisy of European politics. While the right is presented as dangerous for the safeguarding of human rights, socialist politicians in Europe have no problem to praise political tyrants of the left.

The irony of this all is that now the French socialists have ended up speaking with the same words of John Paul II – “don’t be afraid”. This is what the French Socialists told Manuel Valls when he was invited to take up the political challenge and throw his hat for the French presidential elections. Valls ended up taking this advice and announced his intention to present himself as the Socialist candidate for next year’s French Presidential election. This led to his resignation from Prime Minister.

Even the Socialists are feeling the pressure and change brought to French politics by Francois Fillon and his Catholic beliefs. The Socialists ended up talking in a Catholic voice. Valls had to revise his radicalism. Valls defines himself as progressive but presently, he is speaking the same language of Marine Le Pen. He wants strong authority in France, asking for more security and demanding the creation of a new social pact. Was not this the reason why traditional Catholics ended up behind Le Pen’s party in France? What once were considered zombies, are now once again on the forefront of French politics. I would add, that the sooner these values take hold in European politics, the quicker can France rediscover its lost glory.