Prime Minister Joseph Muscat meets French President Francois Hollande – Immigration and European security discussed during official talks

In the first of a series of meetings in various capital cities – a process expected from each country which takes over the EU Presidency, Prime Minister Joseph Muscat met with French President Francois Hollande to discuss Malta’s priorities in the management of the European Union.

During same meeting, Prime Minister Muscat and President Hollande dealt with major challenges facing Europe, such as immigration and security. The situation in the Mediterranean, including the problematic situation in Libya and Syria, as well as the future of Turkey were also discussed. Malta and France agreed that these are all these issues were to be treated as top priority during Malta’s presidency.

From Paris, Prime Minister Dr Muscat will visit Ireland where he will meet with Prime Minister Enda Kenny; another opportunity for Malta to stress its EU Presidency priorities and also discuss Brexit, an undoubtedly sensitive issue to the Irish and the single market.

This series of meetings follow those already held in recent weeks, in which the Prime Minister continues to discuss with European leaders the key items on the European agenda for the first six months of next year, many of which are common themes, while others are more important for respective countries.