Registered unemployed drop to just over 3000 – a huge decrease of almost 40% in October

Data provided by Jobsplus for October indicate a decrease of 1,567 persons registering under Part I and a decrease of 183 among those registering under Part II of the unemployment register, when compared to October 2015 (Tables 5 and 8). Overall, decreases in registered unemployment were recorded among all age groups.

When compared to October last year, registrants for work decreased irrespective of how long they had been registering. The largest decrease was recorded among persons who had been registering for over one year. The number of persons with a disability who were registering for work also decreased by 23 to 367. Males accounted for 76.3 per cent of total registrants with a disability.

The largest share of males and females on the unemployment register sought occupations as clerical support workers with 18.4 per cent and 33.0 per cent respectively. The registered unemployment rate in April 2016 stood at 2.1 per cent of the labour supply, (excluding part-time employment), and varied from 2.4 per cent among men to 1.5 per cent among women.