Reactions on redundancies at Actavis/Teva

Caught by surprise by the announcement of layoffs by Actavis/Teva, political parties have been swift to condemn the redundancies as another negative effect of globalisation.

Speaking exclusively to Maltawinds via Twitter, Shadow Employment Minister Clyde Puli said: “This is sad news indeed. Gonzi Govt helped in much worse international scenarios. These workers deserve no less”.


Former PN leadership candidate Ray Bugeja was more circumspect in his reaction also on Twitter: “Sad news, not well timed and delivered. But these things happen. Govt has said it will mitigate effect”.


Alternattiva Demokratika spokesperson on industry, energy and transport Ralph Cassar expressed solidarity with hundreds of workers facing the sack at the profitable pharmaceutical manufacturing company Actavis.

“The layoffs by Actavis’s new owners Teva is proof of the damaging effects of a globalisation based on greed. It is yet another example which shows the urgent need for EU governments, the EU Parliament and national parliaments to come together and collectively regulate the runaway neoliberal system in which huge short term profits and shareholder value come before social responsibility and the just distribution of wealth.”

“We are not talking of a company which is facing difficulties. We are not talking of a company which is making losses. Actavis consistently makes huge profits. What we are seeing here is a game of Russian roulette on the stock markets at the expense of the livelihood of workers. Teva’s consolidation’ is just another excuse to make the super rich richer. It is high time that governments and the Socialist-Popular-Liberal grand coalition in the European Parliament stop blocking EU-wide measures such as the Tobin Tax, and other measures which put the brakes on corporate greed at the expense of society.”

Minister for Education and Employment Evarist Bartolo attends launch of lifelong learning courses-Intercontinental Hotel, St Julian's-11-7-16

In the meantime, the Ministry for Education and Employment referred this portal to the press release published earlier today but also had this to say when contacted:

“The Government has this morning given its assurances that alternative employment will be found to all workers who may be laid off. Employees will get all the necessary support from Government and are being asked to contact JobsPlus to plan their way forward”, the spokesperson said.