Malta closes another infringement proceeding

The Ministry for European Affairs and Implementation of the Electoral Manifesto has received confirmation, that the European Union’s College of Commissioners has adopted a formal decision to close another infringement proceeding against Malta.

The College’s decision stated that this positive result continues to show Malta’s commitment and effort in closing pending infringement proceedings. This achievement illustrates the government’s continuous endeavour to secure closure of these infractions.

This infringement proceeding was opened in September 2012, following a number of complaints received from European Union citizens residing in Malta, concerning water and energy tariffs.

The Commission had declared that EU citizens were being charged the ‘domestic tariff’, which was approximately 30% higher than the ‘residential tariff’.

The EU citizens involved were not automatically entitled to the ‘residential tariff’, unless they complied with various administrative formalities.

The Commission claimed that the residential tariff was universally applied to Maltese citizens by the simple submission of a copy of their National Identity Card to be registered as residential occupant.

The Commission informed the Maltese authorities that the application process needed to be streamlined, whilst providing redress to the applicants that may have been adversely affected throughout the years.

The Maltese authorities were faced with this matter in early 2013 and made it a point to address and take the necessary steps and action to resolve this issue, hence resulting into the closure of this case.

The European Union’s latest published Single Market Scoreboard report shows that Malta has a remarkable record in complying with Union legislation. In fact, Malta has closed a total of 14 infringement proceedings since the beginning of this year.

Minister Louis Grech said the government will continue to work hard to transpose effectively and in a timely manner the few pending infringement proceedings opened against Malta.