Batman & Superman to the rescue

Just when you thought it couldn’t get worse it does. After Brexit comes the Donald, a bogus man ready to trump us all into kingdom come.

But hold on—some claim he’ll be fine, he’ll change tack, he’ll turn over a new leaf, stop tweeting like a maniac and stop being a maniac let loose in the White House. A maniac too close to those silly buttons in a briefcase which could blow us all to smithereens.

But hold on yet once more—people claim he was fine and conciliatory at the victory speech. You know, he didn’t, as expected, shoot anyone or scream out about putting his political opponent behind bars. He didn’t come with spade and mortar to start building the Great Wall of Shame. He didn’t make fun of anyone disabled. And he didn’t brandish a gun, which the gun lobby know will be one of the big things of his presidency.

All is well when the president-elect of the USA vilifies abortion but is adamant that he will keep guns as available as they are or more. Foetuses are sacrosanct but fully developed and grown people are there to be shot at and destroyed. Then again the president-elect had previously claimed the election was rigged, lost the popular vote but embraced his victory. Talk of debased doublespeak.

Brexit, Farage and the Donald are proving that quirkiness is not a mere fluke but has a destabilising effect on all democracies—in fact to a certain extent it is a huge crisis for democracy itself. The dilemma facing countries which embrace democracy is how you can—or should—stop demagogues and people who call for a restriction of liberty from taking over the reins of power. Or at least how do you stop people who spout evil and threaten restrictions on long-accepted tenets of liberty?

When Trump launched violent attacks on the media he also threatened to pass more repressive libel laws when he is elected president. Isn’t that liberty going a bit too far— is having the liberty to curtail liberty a part of our democratic right?

As a result of Trump’s unexpected victory we, especially the liberals of the world, should expect a more radical change in the way the world is going to be governed, or misgoverned, by a plethora of extremists. From Le Pen to Grillo and other assorted politicians in Sweden, Austria and many other usually sane, liberty-loving countries.

All seems to be fine with the world as The Joker seems to have hijacked the whole state of affairs and is dictating his own nefarious agenda.

Who is wreaking so much mayhem in the traditional western way of life? In the past we spoke of the Yellow peril, today there is an Orange peril seemingly advised and manoeuvred by Putin. Could the mad-for-power Russian be the one controlling to his heart’s content, making sure we all get clueless leaders, creating havoc in all things sacred to liberty and feasting on our weaknesses as he grows in stature and power?

With Trump in, Putin can now go where he hardly thought possible and all Trump will do is play his fiddle and talk about how close his bigly Russian friend is to him and America the once mighty.

It all sounds like fiction or a hyperbole but the loons are taking over while The Joker laughs dementedly. When it all crumbles, when the western dream of liberty for all and democracy at all costs ceases to be, The Joker will have the last laugh.

Pity Batman and Superman don’t really exist to come and zonk all the baddies out of this world.