Promoting teaching for today and the future

The Ministry for Education and Employment established a working group made up of representatives from the Ministry, a representative of the Faculty of Education at the University of Malta, a representative from MCAST, a representative from ITS and representatives of the Malta Union of Teachers (MUT), with the aim to evaluate the needs of the teaching profession.

The working group will evaluate the prevailing teacher shortage of supply and lack of demand in the primary and secondary school sectors.

It will also strive to identify the lack of demand in specific curriculum areas and propose a short-term strategy to address.

In addition, the working group will also consider ways how teachers in areas of the curriculum where there is a lack of demand can be re-trained to address the immediate shortage in other areas where teachers are needed, also by referring to statistics about current teachers and their qualifications per subject.

It will also work on projections related to the need of teachers in areas which have been recently introduced, or will be introduced, in our educational system and recommend a strategy to attract more students to take up teaching as a career, also by publicising the profession and highlighting its worthiness and the fundamental contribution it provides to society.

The working group will also recommend a mechanism which enables the Ministry and the Directorates to project the teacher complement needs over a five-year cycle.