MDA agrees with increase in minimum wage

The Malta Developers Association supports the request made by a coalition of NGOs for an increase in the minimum wage. The MDA also agrees that the time has come for a revision of the mechanism by which the cost of living allowance (COLA) is worked out so as to reflect current economic circumstances.

The MDA believes that it is the right moment for those who have fallen behind financially to be given a rise in their income, now that the country has a strong economic performance. This does not mean that we should abandon the direction that wages should be tied to productivity. In actual fact, persons employed in the private sector are already being paid good wages because of a lack of trained workers and therefore the small number who have fallen behind should have a decent minimum wage.

In this respect, the MDA appeals to Government to provide more training to youngsters who abandon their academic studies, and who leave school at an early age. This would enable them to have more opportunities for jobs with good wages.

The MDA – which comprises members who employ over 15,000 persons – believes that a worker who is happier and well paid would be motivated to produce more and that this helps our economy to keep on expanding.