MDA on Paceville Master Plan

The Malta Developers Association considers the Master Plan for Paceville as the first time that an attempt has been made in the country for a plan catering for a particular part of Malta; holistically instead of just formulating a number of parameters that every development has to observe without considering the global effect of the development on its surrounding area.

The MDA considers the step taken by the Planning Authority to engage internationally known consultants to draw up this plan as a positive step that needs to be repeated for other areas as well.

The Master Plan has been carried out in a professional manner but the Authority has to give great attention to its interpretation and implementation. The plan is ambitious and therefore needs all the stakeholders concerned to work together so that it will be implemented properly.

According to the plan, the built area will increase by around 500,000 m2 and the building volume will increase considerably. The MDA feels that before individual developments are given the go ahead, priority should be given to the improvement of the infrastructure and the implementation of traffic proposals. If these fall behind and the particular projects are built at a fast rate, the existing problems will increase rather than decrease.

The MDA feels that the plan fails to address the possibility of new projects that could involve existing buildings and concentrated too much on nine particular sites. Normally when there is such intense activity in such an area, many owners of existing properties are encouraged to renovate or rebuild their properties – a real possibility that is completely ignored in the Master Plan.

The MDA also feels that developers of these new projects should be encouraged to make the highest possible use of renewable energy.

On the possibility of land reclamation from the sea, the MDA feels that land reclaimed in this way should not be used to build apartments and residences but for a tourism-related project on a national level.