Miracles cannot be expected

Hon Mr Joe Mizzi in a press conference recently stated that he does not do miracles with regard to the traffic situation in Malta. The pre-electoral hype was that he had solutions for the failures of the previous administration. The general public has been shocked by such a statement, which in essence plainly proclaims that Malta will once again suffer inefficiencies in the system due to lack of solutions and possibly lack of a long term visions.

Ironically, these statements seem to insinuate that the people are to blame for this chaotic situation – a situation which they have created by working more and obviously travelling more. At no point in time is it mentioned that this unruly state of affairs is due to an inefficient and sloppy transport system!

Truth be told, there was certainly an improvement on the old Arriva issues. However, public transport is still far from efficient and many avoid as much as they can this method of travelling. This is particularly so in the south of the island; paradoxically the area where Mizzi lives and was elected. The justification dished out to his own constituents who are possibly the most frequent public transport users, is that he ‘does no miracles’.

Perhaps Mr Mizzi should realise that a section of the population in the south is trying to do miracles in order to improve its standard of living and quality of life. Coping with a family and the expenses that it entails is not easy for any of us. Whatever their financial status, all parents try and do their best in order to improve the future of their children.

However, not all can afford to buy them a car to go to university and not all can afford to have two cars in a family, to accompany children at to private lessons or simply to social events or extra curriculum activities. The current state of the public transport system is not helping these people who are already struggling to cope timewise, particularly when scheduled buses turn up terribly late.

Even the business community is suffering from the traffic situation as distribution is being carried out haphazardly due to the unpredictable situation on our roads. In order to meet their commitments, many are not as closely observant of traffic laws as they should be, lamenting that they are garnering useless fines due to an inefficient traffic management system. Meanwhile, the Prime Minister speaks of heavier fines for non-observers.

With his statement, Hon Mr Mizzi have led many to lose hope of a viable solution to be found, with tempers dangerously rising on the Maltese roads (irrespective of the temperature). Perhaps the Minister has a vision which he has not yet communicated, at least until he concludes the necessary studies. In spite of such a possibility, Mr. Mizzi created an unprecedented negative vibe towards his own Ministry, which is already not perceived in the best of lights, given his recent backing of certain practices.