MFSA: COO selection panel

The selection panel for the Chief Operating Officer at the Malta Financial Services Authority is being chaired by Prof Joe Bannister. One of the applicants is the same person who is very close to Prof Bannister and with whom he has frequently travelled, as revealed by ( ).

It is common knowledge that this person seems to have been singled out for the post.  Indeed, she is in an advantageous position; having the protection of the untouchable, given the relationship she has cultivated over the years with the same Bannister.  The said person has been regularly travelling with Professor Bannister.

A breakdown of some overseas trips announced by and never denied is provided here:

Nov 2012 – Luxembourg

Feb -2014 – Unknown destination

March 2014 – Germany

June 2014 – London

October – 2014 – Brussels

February – 2015 – Germany

May – 2015 – London

February – 2016 – Venice

April – 2016 – Holland

In a bid to discredit this portal, Bannister sacrificed Michael Xuereb  ( ). This in order to be under less pressure when appointing the desired person. Prof Bannister seems to be accelerating the appointment of the COO, anticipating that there will be less attention and consequently less pressure in the summer months.

Obviously, in order to accomplish this, he needs support on the selection panel. His strategy in obtaining this support is quite simple; influence people by giving them assignments to make them feel important and consequently many will oblige. In order to methodically influence the selection panel, one of its’ members has for several weeks been asked to assist the anointed COO with an assignment. In this manner Prof Bannister ensured that the panel member in question will find it difficult not to choose the anointed candidate for the COO post.

This leads to many questions. If this person has the skills and capabilities required for the post of COO why all this manoeuvring?  How will her lack of performance in the post she currently holds, be justified? Why is it that this person has started spreading the word that she was not responsible for risk management at MFSA? Is this the case and if it is who is responsible for risk management at MFSA?  The general perception is that being fully aware of her failures, the ‘clique’ embarked on a strategy to deviate attention from her incompetence and abysmal performance. Why would anyone claim she is not responsible for something, in this case risk management, when for a number of years the general perception was that this was directly within her remit?