Medical Association of Malta registers industrial dispute with government Meeting to be held ‘in the coming days’ – Health Ministry

The MAM has announced an industrial dispute with the government on the situation regarding health centres which it has said have been left to deteriorate to ‘an alarming state’.

In a statement, the MAM said that worker’s morale in the sector was extremely low due to a number of factors, amongst which one may list the following:

Less doctors with the consequently increasing workload

Overcrowding at the Floriana Health Centre as well as long waiting times for patients

Intimidation on part time doctors

Lack of consultation and indecision at the Kirkop Health Centre

Complex and difficult work handed to newly qualified doctors.

The MAM insisted that the service is being stretched to well beyond its limits and has asked for an urgent meeting with the Ministry of Health. Failing this, it would have no option to resort to industrial action, the MAM added.

Questioned by Malta Winds on the veracity of these claims by MAM, a Health Ministry spokesperson revealed that a meeting between the association and the government was scheduled in the coming days.