“Success in this sector translates to national success” – Minster Cardona at Data Centre Launch

A new data centre was officially inaugurated today by the Minister for the Economy, Investment and Small Business Chris Cardona at SmartCity Malta. BMIT Limited, Malta’s largest data centre operator, is now also operating within SmartCity after a €3.5 million investment to achieve the highest industry standards and use the most recent data centre technologies.

Minister Cardona commended the investment not only as a significant one for the company, but for the country. BMIT also announced that it has completed the commissioning of a very high speed dedicated network, linking its data centres in Malta, Italy and Germany together and to the Internet.

“Investments such as these are critical for our country. It would be useless for us to promote business in Malta without having the necessary facilities which allow businesses to operate. Such services allow the government to further entice other companies to invest in Malta, while providing existing companies, irrelevant of the companies’ size, from start-ups and SMEs to the bigger companies, with state of the art services,” said Minister Cardona.

Emerson Network Power, the world’s leading provider of critical infrastructure technologies and life cycle services for information and communications technology systems, were BMIT’s lead partner in the implementation of the SmartCity Malta data centre.