EU funded PE & Sports equipment distributed to all State Schools

Brand new equipment to be used by students in all State Schools has been distributed over the past weeks. This equipment, worth over €60, 000, was purchased through EU funds.

When visiting Tarxien Middle School on Friday afternoon, Minister for Education & Employment, Evarist Bartolo stated that this was yet another initiative over the past 15 months to strengthen the basis of Physical Education in our schools in Government’s bold attempt to reduce the high percentage of adolescent obesity in our country through a healthy diet as well as physical activity.

The equipment, mainly used indoors so that in case of schools having no indoor facility PE lessons will still go ahead in case of inclement weather, also caters for new disciplines being introduced to the secondary curriculum such a table tennis, snooker and table soccer. Other equipment related to badminton, gymnastics, swimming, athletics and fitness was also distributed in nearly 100 State Schools.

Parliamentary Secretary for Research, Innovation, Youth and Sports Chris Agius said that since day one, the Government has been committed to promoting sports regarded as minor. Indeed, there was a chain of initiatives to promote diverse sport.  He mentioned that several associations were organising innovative sessions in schools, in collaboration with physical education teachers.  These sessions, covering rugby, golf and other pursuits, had been well received by children.

Physical Education Officer Kevin Azzopardi explained that such an initiative was positively welcomed by all stakeholders as this has brought about a diversification from the traditional syllabus with the main focus still being of emphasizing the importance of a healthy lifestyle through physical activity rather than the end product of whether a student is able to perform competitively in one discipline or another.

Meanwhile, Minister Bartolo also unveiled a new publication related to Cross Curricular Physical Education that has been distributed to all State Primary School teachers. This reference guide gives a detailed outlook of how various parts of the syllabi of all academic subjects may be taught through physical activity, hence giving the students an innovative and creative opportunity to learn through play.