Palumbo Group aims at increasing services at the dockyard

Palumbo Shipyard has designed and constructed a floating structure that can be submerged to permit the admission and docking of large boats in a bid to attract larger boats to Malta for repair. The new structure can then be elevated to lift the ship from the water for maintenance, keeping the vessel high and dry. This new dock required more than Euro 2 million investment Palumbo’s can now undertake repairs of sailing or motor powered yachts up to 50 meters in length and 500 tons in weight.

The floating dock will enable the shipyard to perform all types of work including refitting, mechanical, maintenance and repairs of any part of the vessel. This includes specialised work on the hull and top structure, the interior and mechanical electrical works.

This investment is yet another show of trust of Palumbo in Malta. Apart from Malta Palumbo Group has invested in other countries. This investment however, shows that in their internationalisation strategy Malta remains at the core of the activities.

Palumbo has started its investment in Malta in 2010 by bidding for the concession of the dry docks. Over the years it has turned around the situation of the Malta Dry docks to a profitable and active venture. The docks had been a national burden due to various reasons. With the benefit of hindsight,  facts show that the docks could have been profitable if they had not been turned into a political game by the political parties and unions. The decision taken to privatise the docks may have been a very difficult one and indeed not popular with the persons whose life may have become uncertain for a short while. The decision was also made difficult due to the coordinated propaganda conducted by the opposition at the time. However, the results have proven right the decisions to privatise and to choose Palumbo Group.

It is indeed a paradox that without going into the merits of the recent complaints certain politicians have made incorrect statements on the activities at the Dockyard to the extent that once again it seems that the same Politicians wish to interfere in these operations. These declarations came after a small group calling themselves Senglea Residents Association came out all against this investment. They were proved wrong in their statements by experts. However, it was a good excuse for some Politicians to appear to be defending this Association. These statements were done  without delving into the details of the case which shows strong amateurism in our politicians.  It was even more shocking that the same politicians chose to ignore the statements made by the Senglea Cultural Association and the 500 signatures stating that they disassociate themselves from the Senglea Residents Association. They preferred defending a few persons stating incorrect facts and not listen to the employees of Palumbo who went to show their solidarity. Perhaps it is time to recognise that Politicians should stay miles away from in any way interfering with the docks. Moreover, they should stop politicising any issues related to it.  Both parties have promised Malta a new era in politics so it may be opportune that they practice what they preach.